Welcome to the Team!


Welcome to the Team!

POWE Architects is proud to introduce the team’s new registered architect – Lizbeth Montesinos

Lizbeth Montesinos is an experienced architect with over 16 years of experience, 12 of these in Australia. Her expertise ranges from design and documentation, to teaching and research. Throughout her career she has worked in diverse teams on a vast array of projects, both in Australia and in her home country of Peru. Her project breadth includes churches, cruise terminals, apartments and many more.

Describing herself as creative, pragmatic and flexible, Lizbeth believes in finding innovative solutions without losing sight of the bigger picture. She has tutored Architectural Design at QUT, and recently completed her Master’s in Urban Regeneration at the National University of Engineering in Peru.

To unwind, Lizbeth enjoys going on hikes with her husband and son or doing some yoga when not feeling too adventurous. She is an amazing cook, with some of her favourite recipes (as well as many others from across the team) going up shortly as part of our up-and-coming recipe section on our website.

Dominika Richards is currently undertaking her Master of Architecture at Griffith

POWE Architects is also excited to welcome Dominika Richards to the team. Dominika is passionate about sustainable commercial and mixed use residential architecture. She believes that a true difference can be made in the way we live through climate responsive design, spatial configuration and architectural articulation. She enjoys applying these principles to her designs in a range of scales, from subtropical building design, through to urban design and master planning.

Dominika is an architectural graduate and is currently undertaking her Master of Architecture at Griffith University. She excelled greatly when completing her Bachelor of Architectural Design, achieving the Griffith Academic Excellence Award for two years running (2016-2017). When she needs to relax, Dominika enjoys walks with her puppy, and reading any form of book or journal to satisfy her keen hunger to learn.

We would like to thank Lizbeth and Dominika for joining the Powe Architects Team, and we are excited for the future that we can design and build together.