Business as Unusual


Business as Unusual

POWE Architects has always had a commitment to engaging with the best technology and we have invested in both our people and this technology to enable our team to work from any location with an internet connection. By the time you receive our March newsletter or read this post, we will all be working remotely; business as unusual.

Thanks to the co-operation and commitment of our team, it has been a seamless transition for our people and our clients.

While we may not all be in the office, our project teams are available to you through email, phone or other technology such as video conferencing. As has always been the case, no matter where we are, any team member can access and work on files remotely and are contactable through their usual email and phone numbers.

108 Wickham Street Front Door
We may not be at the front door, but we’re just a phone call away.

We are confident we can continue to deliver your projects over the coming weeks and look forward to your understanding and patience while we all deal with the current challenges.

Please feel welcome to contact us to discuss your next project.